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Phenom make use of the expertise and experience of a scientific team that has been developing for years a unique and valuable research.

On the current market there are a multitude of products based on the wrong concept to "imitate" the sophisticated biological nature's mechanisms.. This approach generates the production of chemicals (as additives, pesticides, sanitizers, antibiotics and many others) that do not always solve the different problems, but very often, they generate new ones, putting human health and environments integrity at risk. Our technology, on the contrary, does not imitate nature but it use the natural potential, that thanks to an innovative procedure manages to release its multiple properties.

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"An innovative technological platform, able to maximize the active ingredients of natural substances and thus allow a biologically correct interaction with surprising results."

EPT technology is a process that guarantee a natural, non-chemical and ecologically sustainable action as it is able to enhance existing substances in nature. It represents a significant progress in environmental disinfection, food, agricultural, livestock and industrial chemical industries, including the organic product segment and waste disposal. The use of EPT technology can replace the use of many chemical agents and toxic substances, guaranteeing safety and quality, increasing production and respecting the environments.

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