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The secular diatribes on the principles and models proposed for agricultural production very well known. Like the need to find clean and reliable solutions. Phenom products offer an exceptional and safe alternative for agricultural production that allows the replacement of pesticides and toxic chemicals. Phenom, thanks to the joint action of scientists, researchers and with the collaboration of authoritative research organizations, has managed to reach a qualified competence in safe procedures to propose, without risk, certified organic products, in order to preserve the integrity of food and the environment.


  • They produce a high germination and high vigor giving bright colors to the plants.

  • They stimulate growth rate.

  • They promote vegetative recovery when late. 

  • They create an unfavorable environment  for the growth of plant pests. 

  • They speed up composting times.

  • They eliminate odors High humidification in reduced times (30 days).

  • Ideal for producing organo-mineral fertilizers.

  • They catalyses the transformations’ reactions of organic substances with a significant increase of the agronomic potential.



Phenom products are distributed all over the world, our specialists are available to provide customized solutions and usage protocols.

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Our products leave no residues and respect crops, livestock and the environment.

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