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In the animal farming industry it is fundamental to give priority to animal welfare and keep an adequate farm ecosystem. Phenom products are designed to improve animal performance by spontaneously boosting the mechanisms of their immune system's and improving their health by ensuring safety and stability in their environments and equipments. The quality of the selected raw materials and their supplements prevent contamination, alterations and the development of toxic substances through exchange mechanisms.


  • They increase the animal's spontaneous defenses.

  • They sanitize the animal environment eliminating bad smells.

  • They stimulate and improve the feeding of the animal by acting on the ingredients of the raw materials and the feeds.

  • They facilitate the digestive system of the animals.

  • They allow for reduction or replacement of products such as antibiotics, vermifuges and others. They quickly balance the metabolism.

  • They allow a quick recovery of debilitated animals, with diarrhea etc.

  • The products do not leave any residue.

Phenom products are distributed all over the world, our specialists are available to provide customized solutions and usage protocols.

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Our products leave no residues and respect crops, livestock and the environment.

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