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The Phenom product line is specifically designed to meet the challenges and risks in the food processing industry. The different formulas are the result of years of research in this industry. Phenom products can guarantee more safety in food, without adding many chemical agents that are harmful to human health. They can extend the useful shelf life of food but also give it greater organoleptic qualities. All our products are eco-friendly, do not leave residues and do not harm human health.


  • Enhanced Organoleptic Qualities: Elevate the sensory appeal and taste of products.

  •  Prolonged Shelf Life: Extend the longevity of food items while maintaining quality.

  •  Potent Bacteriostatic & Antioxidant Traits: Exhibit powerful capabilities in preserving freshness and health.

  • Reduced Weight Loss: Minimize product mass loss, ensuring value retention.

  •  Enhanced Safety Assurance: Promote heightened product safety standards.

  •  Optimized Production Processes: Streamline manufacturing for improved efficiency

  •  Food Stabilization: Maintain product consistency and integrity.

  • Replacement of Harmful Additives: Substitution of detrimental chemicals with safer alternatives.

  • Residue-Free Properties: Leave behind no undesirable remnants.


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Our products leave no residues and respect crops, livestock and the environment.

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